Models of Syrian shoes and leather products attract businessmen to conclude export deals at Sila International Fair

Damascus (ST): Thousands of models of shoes and leather industries with different shapes, models and colors manufactured with the most up-to-date machines, equipment and the best expertise provided by the companies participating in the Sila International Export Fair for Shoes and Leather Industries, are currently being displayed on the Fairgrounds  in Damascus to attract Arab and Syrian businessmen visiting the exhibition to conclude export deals for these products to foreign markets.


The exhibition, which constitutes a periodic export and marketing window for shoe producers and manufacturers in Syria, in which more than 100 products compete for the fall-winter season of 2021-2022 to present their  best quality and competitive prices, according to a number of participants.

Akram Ajaj, owner of a factory for the manufacture of bags, confirmed in a statement that the demand for the exhibition in its current version is greater than the previous version, whether from inside or outside Syria, pointing out that he is keen to provide high-quality goods because it raises the name of his company, in addition to the opportunity to export to other countries.

Walid Yassin, the representative of the department of the General Organization for Chemical Industries at the exhibition, explained that the department includes products for the shoe and tanning companies, including leather coats and shoes.

Bilal Koura participates in shoe accessories, "women, men, and children" that are manufactured by 100% national hands, pointing out that the exhibition provides great services to industrialists in all governorates by assembling products and their requirements in one place.