Syria, Iran to open joint food store in Damascus

DAMASCUS, (ST)_The ways of enhancing economic cooperation relations and trade exchange between Syria and Iran were reviewed on Monday by the Minister of Internal Trade and Consumer Protection Amro Salem and the Advisor of Iranian Defense Minister and Chairman of economic cooperation with the axis of resistance Mustafa Ithbati and the accompanying delegation. 
According to Syrian News Agency ( SANA), Salem asserted the need to remove the obstacles that face cooperation and to carry out projects the cover the needs of the markets in the two countries. 
“A delegation representing the ministry will discuss with the Iranian delegation ways of implementing -as soon as possible- the agreements and the memorandums of understanding that were previously signed by Syria and Iran,” the minister  declared. 
He pointed out that a joint food store will be set up in Omayyad Complex in Damascus. 
For his part, Ithbati said that the Iranian delegation will stay in Damascus until reaching a deal on the implementation of signed agreement for the common interest of the two countries. 
Basma Qaddour