A Fund for Supporting Small and Medium-sized Enterprises




DAMASCUS, (ST)_ The representatives of the Ministries of the Economy and foreign Trade, Industry, Agriculture, Tourism, "al-joda" group for studies as well as other representatives of the private and public sectors have recently discussed a draft decree on establishing a fund for supporting the small and medium-sized enterprises.

For his part, Dr. Rashad al-Isseh, the deputy of the Economy and Foreign Trade Minister said as concerns the Syrian economic system, it has multiple resources and depends on economic pluralism, since there are a public sector in Syria which supervises key strategic sectors , as well as the private and joint sectors which participate in most economic fields.

"However, currently there is an inclination towards reactivating the activities of the small and medium- sized enterprises with the purpose of supporting Syria's economy in facing global conspiracy and encountering all forms of unjust siege and sanctions, which target Syria's economic and trade stability." al- Isseh added.

He clarified the draft decree is of great importance in bolstering the small and medium-sized enterprises' pioneering role  in developing  the economic sector, reducing unemployment, creating  job  opportunities and improving the living standards.

Al- Isseh presented the Ministry's vision relating to the fund's process and the mechanism of cooperation and coordination among bodies concerned, stressing the Ministry's readiness to tackle obstacles that may face the fund's activity.

He made clear that the small and medium- sized enterprises are less affected by any crisis that may face any economy, so they are able to cope with any circumstances.

For their part, the representatives of the private and public sectors highly appreciated the step of establishing the fund to pave the way for them to implement more production projects in all domains

They clarified  that the success of any kind of projects depends mainly on the availablity of raw materials, and Syria is very rich in this regard; so Syria was and is still able in withstanding any measures that aim at collapsing Syria economically.

Supporting the small and medium sized enterprises by the fund will take part in attaining self-sufficiency and supplying the state treasury as well as the Gross state product (GSP).

They pointed out that the Syrian economy depends basically on the sectors of industry and agriculture which form the main basis of the economic progress, stressing the necessity of exerting utmost efforts to make Syria's economy more prosperous.

The representatives stressed the need for making use of the available national expertise and potentials .

Rawaa Ghanam