Civil Registry Center in Khsham district in Deir Ezzor countryside operates again after a 9-year hiatus due to terrorism

The Civil Registry Center in Khsham district, in the northern countryside of Deir Ezzor, resumed its work on Saturday through  recording incidents and providing documents that citizens need, after nearly a 9-year hiatus due to terrorism.

Head of Civil Affairs Directorate in Deir Ezzor, Muhammad Al-Ayesh, told SANA reporter that the reactivation of the work in the civil registry center in Khsham district took place after completing its restoration from  the damage inflicted by terrorism and providing it with the necessary records and equipment, with the aim of reducing the burdens on citizens returning to their homes in the northern countryside of the province.

Al-Ayesh pointed out that during the previous years, terrorist organizations destroyed and stole most of the civil affairs records, which doubled the workloads that were surpassed thanks to the efforts of the employees of the Directorate.

For her part, the head of the center, Sondos Al-Abdullah, indicated that the center started work on recording the incidents of “marriage, divorce, birth and death” on paper in principle, pending the completion of the electronic connection, with the aim of relieving citizens from the trouble of moving to Muhassan or Deir Ezzor to register incidents or obtain civil documents.

A number of people praised the government's efforts to activate the work of government departments and provide basic services, which contributed to the return of more people to the area after the Syrian Arab Army restored security, safety and stability to it.

Inas Abdulakreem