Southern Region Development Committee: Paying attention to small projects and increasing the work process in the industrial zone of Quneitra

On September 13th, the Ministerial Committee for the Development of the Southern Region was briefed on the situation of work in a number of development projects and overcome the obstacles that hinder work .

The Committee called to raise the work process in the industrial zone of Quneitra.

The Committee’s members toured the industrial zone of Helles, the craftsmen zone and the administrative complex in the town of Khan Arnabeh and the tourist park near the Mantara Dam 


The Chairman of the Committee and Minister of Justice Judge Ahmed Al-Sayed stressed the interest in small and medium enterprises because they provide job opportunities and economic resources for families

The Minister called on farmers to take advantage of the nature of the governorate and invest in the agricultural sector, both plant and livestock. 

He called for an increase in the work process in the industrial zone, because it establishes a great industrial renaissance in the governorate

In turn, the Minister of Electricity, Eng. Ghassan Al-Zamil, said that his ministry would continue providing support to complete the infrastructure of electricity networks, roads and sewage to encourage investors and industrialists subscribed in the industrial zone to start building their facilities and factories

Diala Barakat, Minister of State for Southern Development Affairs, indicated the need to pay attention to agricultural projects because they provide food security, self-sufficiency and stability for people and contribute to comprehensive development. 

During the committee’s meeting with managers and industrialists, they demanded an increase in funding and financial credits to complete development projects underway due to high prices, granting long-term loans to farmers to buy cows and agricultural machinery, and securing financial credit to expand the irrigation network of the MantaraDam, which is planned to irrigate more than 1,700 hectares.


Inas Abdulkareem