13,989 craft workshops and 4,611 industrial factories resume production in Aleppo

ALEPPO, (ST)_The industrial sector in Aleppo has witnessed a remarkable development and an accelerated return to production process as the number of  facilities  and craft  workshops  that resumed their work in the  textile, engineering, food and chemical sectors has increased. 
These facilities  have been  rehabilitated after they were destroyed by terrorist groups .  
The Director of Aleppo Industry, Eng. Samer Odeh, said in a statement to the Syrian News Agency (SANA)  that the number of factories that are working in Aleppo today reached 4,611 factories out of 13046 ones.
He clarified that  94% of  production has stopped in a number of facilities because of the armed terrorist attacks, theft and destruction of the factories. 
Eng. Odeh added the number of craft workshops that have resumed production today hits 13,989 out of 22,150 workshops.
He pointed out that during the current year, the number of facilities  that have begun  production is 230 industrial ones in the fields of food, engineering, chemical  and  textile.
Eng. Odeh went on to say that the number of industrial factories  and craft workshops in Sheikh Najjar Industrial City is 862 .
Rawaa Ghanam