Investment in Adra industrial city has doubled since the start of 2021

Director of Adra Industrial city Fares Al-Fares says that the investment in the city has doubled since the start of 2021 compared to the same period the last year, pointing out that president Bashar Al-Assad’s recent visit to the city encouraged investment and production. 
He told Damascus-based Al-Watan newspaper on Monday that over 1068 manufacturing facilities are working in the city, while there are 2300 facilities are under construction.  
“The city offers all possible facilities to investors and simplifies administrative measures as well as ensures parts for investors in instalments to be paid off in 10 years,” Al-Fares said, indicating that there are 5.000 industrial parts in the city. 
He asserted that the city ensured 660 job opportunities in 2020 and its net investment income hit SYP 5.3 billion while the expenditures for infrastructures and acquisition reached SYP 6.5 billion. 
 70.000 workers are working in the city whose budget reached over SYP10 billion in 2021, according to Al-Fares.
On June, 9, 2021, president Al-Assad visited a number of factories and facilities at Adra industrial city in Damascus countryside which were erected under the circumstances of the war and blockade. The owners of the factories and facilities at Adra industrial city have succeeded in continuing  their work despite all difficulties and challenges.
 In 2014, the Syrian army liberated the strategic Adra city from terrorist groups.
Basma Qaddour