Solutions to Support Small and Medium Enterprises

 DAMASCUS, (ST)- Minister of Economy and Foreign Trade Mohamad Zafer Mahbaq met in Damascus a delegation representing the administration of the Syrian Business Centre (SBC). The two sides discussed the possible practical and scientific solutions to support small and medium enterprises to enhance the economic development in Syria.

     They also debated means of benefiting expertise of the SBC to support those enterprises through improving their efficiency, competitive potentials, developing local consultations, ensuring the long- and medium term finance and encouraging exports.

Mahbak called for investing all expertise and available local capabilities in Syria in a perfect way, particularly as for the enterprises which contribute to reducing the rate of unemployment, assuring the need to promote the work of the economic establishments.

Chairwoman of the Executive Bureau of the SBC, Nuha Shaq, and her Deputy Chairman George Qattini presented a comprehensive review concerning the projects being carried out by the SBC and the services offered to the business sector in Syria.

The services offered by the SBC include the technical aid to enhance and promote the Syrian product inside the country and abroad, administrative training, business consultations, building capabilities and forming the economic, industrial and commercial policies.

The SBC adopts creative ways and techniques of offering services according to the needs to achieve its goal represented in increasing the competitive capability of the SBC, helping the business establishments to enter the international markets and supporting the business sector through increasing the number of new establishments.