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Damascus Chamber of Commerce calls on traders to reduce prices and not to be led by fluctuations in exchange rate

Participants in the meeting of the Board of Directors of  Damascus Chamber of Commerce reviewed with food and consumer goods merchants ways to reduce commodity prices in the markets and support price reduction initiatives, both in holding shopping festivals and charitable markets with the approaching of the holy month of Ramadan.

Chairman of the Chamber Muhammad Abu Al-Hoda Al-Lahham referred to the repercussions of the economic situation and the unilateral economic measures imposed on Syria that led to the rise in commodity prices, calling on the business sector to re-study prices and sell at cost rates as Ramadan month approaches, and in light of these circumstances that Syria is experiencing.

Chamber Secretary Muhammad al-Hallaq drew attention to the need to strengthen cooperation among all segments of society and to expand individual and collective initiatives to reduce prices.


Member of the  Board of Directors of Damascus Chamber of Industry Talal Qalaji pointed to the wide participation of traders and industrialists in Ramadan charitable market announced by the Ministry of Endowments, which will be held during the blessed month of Ramadan in Damascus Fairgrounds.  He indicated that participation of companies, most of which are production companies, is free in this the market to ease the burdens on the participants, to provide products and goods to citizens at cost rates during the holy month of Ramadan. He noted that about 250 companies will take part in this activity.

In addition, Damascus Chamber of Commerce issued a statement stressing the need to educate those who are led by the fake fluctuations in exchange rates so that it is not a tool, even without their will, to achieve the goals of those who target the living conditions of the Syrian citizen, whether by publishing and adopting exchange rates illegally or by changing commodity prices with the rise of exchange rate.

The Chamber affirmed that the stability of commodity prices is a basic goal and a necessary need to build a healthy economy in general, indicating that the decline in the purchasing power of the citizen will firstly harm the movement of markets, especially due to the fact that a trader who works in one field is a consumer in other fields.

The Chamber called on traders to support the national economy to win the battles of our economic war, including the exchange rate battle, to prove to ourselves and our enemies that will is the key to victory in the battles.

Inas abdulkareem