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"Made in Syria" festival opens in the city of Al-Nabek tomorrow

Damascus (ST): The Damascus Chamber of Industry and its Countryside, in cooperation with the Damascus Countryside Chamber of Commerce, will launch the 116th edition of the monthly shopping festival “Made in Syria” tomorrow  in the Al Nabek Sports Club hall, with the participation of more than a hundred local industrial companies.

The festival includes a group of diverse local industrial companies with their products that meet the needs of the family at reasonable prices that are lower than those in the markets. During the festival, free purchase vouchers are provided to the families of the martyrs, valuable prizes and lottery for gold medals provided by the Damascus Chamber of Industry and its countryside and from the participating companies will also be held.


The festival, which continues until April 8, seeks to enhance the role of the Chambers of Industry and Commerce as an effective tool for positive intervention in the markets, according to a statement by Talal Qalaaji, member of the festival's organizing committee.

He  pointed out that the organizing committee will provide free transportation for the people of Deir Atiyah, Yabroud and Qara to deliver visitors to and from the festival place.