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After recovering from terrorism, HoshNasri village witnesses a clear improvement in public services

The terrorism that struck the village of HoshNasri in the Damascus countryside could not break the will of its people and their insistence on rebuilding the infrastructure and service institutions that were destroyed and sabotaged in coordination and cooperation with the Municipal Council.

Opening and paving roads, rehabilitating water, electricity and sewage networks, opening a furnace and outlets for Syria Trade, a center for serving citizens and others, were the most important work that the Municipal Council worked to implement since the liberation of the village until now.


Citizens stated that great efforts were being made to improve the service situation, as Nahed Shamalat stated that after the Syrian Arab Army liberated the village, services began to gradually improve, which increased the number of families returning to it.

She referred to the need to increase the towers of cellular communication companies and provide transportation between Hosh Nasriand the villages of the Douma area.

Muwafaq Qasim Muhammad said that after its liberation, the rubble, dirt and garbage were removed and the bakery, health center and other institutions were opened. 

Nadia Al-Beddawi confirmed that as the local community coordinate with the Municipal Council to secure all the deficiencies that the village needs.

The Mayor of Municipal Council Ibrahim Hamdoush stated that in 2018 the infrastructure of the various sectors in the village was completely non-existent and many government institutions, schools and health centers were destroyed.

Hamdoush said that the Municipal Council developed a plan to rehabilitate what was destroyed by terrorism, and with the support of the Damascus Countryside Governorate and the civil society.

Hamdoush said that many streets, sewage lines and electricity cables were rebuilt and about 60% of residents returned to their homes.

Hamdoush added that the school, the health center, the bakery , and the Municipal Council’s building have been rebuilt.

Hamdoush said that the work of transferring garbage was started according to a signed contract with one of the contractors, and the cleaning situation became better.

Hamdoush said that the asphalting and paving projects in the coming period for roads in Hosh Nasri and the surrounding villages, in addition to projects for street lighting with renewable energy.


O. al-Mohammad