32 health centers offer services to residents in the Eastern Ghouta of Damascus

Since the liberation of the eastern Ghouta of Damascus in 2018, the Directorate of Health in Damascus countryside has rehabilitated 32 health centers to offer services to the people, who returned to their houses.
"Mesraba" Health center is one of the rehabilitated centers and it receives around 200 people daily. It offers services to children, women and those who suffer from chronic diseases (diabetes, pressure and asthma).
The director of the center Mohammad Eid Tabernin said that 1300 patients receive free treatment monthly in the center and there is a coordination with civil societies to ensure medicine if it is not available.
Moreover, the center launches vaccine campaigns targeting children aged 5-11 year old.
1177 children under the age of five and 260 children under the age of one year are expected to be vaccinated this year.  
Basma Qaddour