International Export Exhibition for Shoes and Leather Industries SILA 2021 kicks off on Sunday

  More than 135 Syrian companies manufacturing shoes and leather products are to take part in the activities of the International Export Exhibition for Shoes, Leather Industries and production requirement SILA Spring/Summer 2021 due to open on Sunday.

The exhibition is organized by the Arab Union for Leather Industries in cooperation with the  Unions of the Syrian Chambers of Industry and Commerce.

The 4-day exhibition is held on an area of 8500 square meters at Damascus Fairgrounds.

According to Mohammad Al-Boushi, head of the public relations department at the Arab Union for Leather Industries and head of the Leather Industries Committee in the Damascus and Damascus Countryside Chamber of Industry, the exhibition is an important platform to promote and market Syrian shoes and leather products in local markets and to export them to Arab and foreign markets.

 Al-Boushi said that some 400 outstanding businessmen and merchants, most of them from Iraq, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Sudan, Libya, Djibouti and Somalia, as well as Syrian businessmen residing in Arab Gulf states, were invited to take part in the event. He added that the Ambassadors of the Arab countries in Syria were also invited to be briefed on the notable development of the Syrian leather industry despite the unfair sanctions and the war imposed on Syria for more than 10 years.

He pointed out that a footwear show will be held within the activities of the exhibition to show the participating companies' latest production of shoes.

Al-Boushi made it clear that the shoes and leather industry in Syria is of high quality, as the companies are constantly keen on using up-to-date machinery and production lines despite the unjust economic blockade imposed on the country. This makes the Syrian leather products competitive to its counterparts in foreign markets, he said, calling for protecting and supporting this industry.

Hamda Mustafa