64 industrial facilities were put into production in Tartous during 2020

The industrial development process in Tartous Governorate faces many obstacles, such as the industrial licensing requirements which deprive the governorate of important industrial investments that create surplus agricultural production and absorb a large number of labor.

Engineer Ammar Ali, Director of Tartous Industry underlined the importance of concerting efforts with the relevant ministries to address the economic blockade by amending the laws that impede industrial development and by creating appropriate conditions for attracting investments. He pointed to the importance of accelerating the implementation of projects of industrial and craft zones and placing them in investment at the highest speed in addition to allocating parts thereof for medium and large industrial units.


All the productive industrial and crafts facilities especially in the food and chemical sectors continue working without hiatus. About 64 industrial facilities have also been established and put into production during the year 2020, with a capital of about 560 million pounds, employing 264 workers in the sectors of the food, chemical and engineering products industry, Ali noted, referring to the implementation of a food investment project according to the investment law, at a cost of 150 million pounds, which in turn employed 12 workers.

Ali pointed to the implementation of 59 craft projects in the  engineering, textile and food sectors, in addition to the service sector with a capital of more than 196 million pounds that provided 134 job opportunities.


Inas Abdulkareem