After a 7-year hiatus due to terrorism, the return of life to the Tishreen farm in Quneitra

 The Agriculture works returned to Tishreen Farm in the Governorate of Quneitra after a 7-year hiatus due to terrorism.

The Director of Quneitra AgricultureDirectorate, Eng. Ahmed Deeb said that more than 1600 Dunums have been planted with wheat, apple and grape trees, after the terrorists destroyed and uprooted them.

Deeb indicated that the Farm investment was made by a local private investor after 950 dunums were licensed to be cultivated with the strategic wheat crop out of a total area of 1,600 dunums in addition to barley, fenugreek and summer crops for the rest of the area.


Deeb said that the Agriculture Directorate provided all production requirements of wheat seeds, fuel and fertilizers for the investor.

In turn, Engineer Moufid Mashfaj, an investor of Tishreen Farm, explained that his love for Quneitra and his eagerness to restart the agricultural activity in the Farm prompted him to invest it to contribute to securing the wheat crop and providing dozens of job opportunities for the people of the Governorate.

Mashfaj said that he would rebuild vine farms which were destroyed by terrorism, and invest water basins for fish farming.

It is noteworthy that the Tishreen farm is one of the state's facilities, with a total square of 3,000 dunams.

Inas Abdulkareem