Increased by 4%, Syria 's Budget for 2013 is 1383 Billion SY Pounds




DAMASCUS,(ST)_ " The state budget for the fiscal year 2013 totaled 1383 billion  Syrian Pounds, representing an increase of 4 percent over the  budget of  2012," according to a Cabinet meeting held yesterday , chaired by prime minister Wael al-Halqi.

 The Cabinet also approved the government's statement on the draft general budget for the fiscal year 2013.

The Government financial statement focused at the negative effects caused by the economic sanctions imposed on Syria, aiming at the destruction of the Syrian economy.

 "The current expenditure in the State 's general  budget for 2013  is estimated  at  1108 billion Syrian Pounds, representing an increase of  16 percent compared to  the figures of 2012, " said Finance Minister, Dr.  Muhammad Al-jleilati in a statement to reporters, following the meeting.

 "The most important reasons for the increase of  current expenditure are due to increase  of salaries and wages from 209 billion pounds in the  last budget to 236 billion pounds,  as a result of creating  some  36 thousand jobs,  and  food subsidies provided to Syrian citizens, which was increased from 386 billion pounds to 512 billion Syrian pounds for 2013", the minister said.

T. Fateh