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Hasaka farmers getting ready for picking their cotton crop

The farmers of Hasaka province are getting ready to pick and market their cotton crop despite all the difficulties and challenges they are facing because of the aggressive practices of the US and Turkish occupations and their mercenaries in several areas in Hasaka countryside.

This season's cotton production is in a good condition as it suffers no serious insect infections thanks to the continuous cooperation between farmers  and agricultural guidance circles in the province.

Director of agriculture in Hasaka Rajab Salameh told SANA reporter that the cotton crop this year is promising and abundant in the light of the area planted with cotton- 3883 hectares in all Hasaka areas, particularly in the countryside of Abu Rasin, al-Dirbaseyyeh and Tal Brak.

 First cotton picking stage is due to start by the beginning of next week, he added.

Regarding cotton crop marketing, Salameh said that cotton shipments will be sent to the provinces of Homs, Hama as well as the neighboring provinces of Deir Ezzor and Raqqa.

On his part, Head of the Agricultural Production Department at the Directorate Jalal Bilal said that the cotton production is estimated at 15,000 tons which is a good quantity that almost equals the production of last season.

Hamda Mustafa