100 Companies in the monthly shopping festival in Lattakia" Made in Syria"

Lattakia,(ST)-With the participation of 100 national industrial companies from different sectors, the activities of the monthly shopping festival, "Made in Syria", organized by the Damascus Chamber of Industry and its countryside, were launched at the Alma Hotel in Lattakia yesterday evening.

During the week-long festival, companies will display a wide variety of commodities, including food and consumer products, and detergents of various kinds, with encouraging discounts and at competitive prices.

Engineer Rifat Suleiman, Assistant Minister of Internal Trade and Consumer Protection, said in a press statement that the festival aims to deliver materials and industrial, engineering, chemical and food commodities directly from the producer to the consumer at competitive prices compared to the local market, stressing the importance of these festivals is achieving positive intervention in the markets.

Talal Qalaji, head of the festival's organizing committee, member of the Damascus Chamber of Industry and its countryside, confirmed that the festival, in which national companies specializing in the textile, food, chemical and engineering industries are participating, is an opportunity to market their products on the one hand and secure consumer goods to citizens at reasonable prices and discounts of up to 50 percent in some products on the other hand. Noting that the Chamber, and at every festival it holds, offers gifts, offers, discounts and tasting campaigns for food products to visitors, as well as vouchers for the families of the martyrs of the Syrian Arab Army.

The festival director, Muhammad Al-Omar, explained to SANA reporter that the festival was commenced according to the precautionary measures taken to address the Corona virus, with the aim of ensuring health safety conditions, as a daily sterilization campaign is carried out in cooperation with the Syrian Arab Red Crescent branch in the morning for all the festival stands.

Al-Omar pointed out that the festival represents one of the aspects of positive intervention in the market by offering basic materials directly from the producer to the consumer, accompanied by offers and discounts of up to 50 percent, with the existence of a committee to study and monitor prices in the festival and compare it with those in the market.

The opening of the festival was attended by the Governor of Lattakia, Ibrahim Khader Al-Salem, the director of the Syrian Foundation for Internal Trade branch in Latakia, and a member of the competent executive office and economic activities.

Hafaa Mafalani