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Junior Chamber International in Lattakia launches the "YEN Syria Entrepreneur Network" project

The Junior Chamber International (JCI) in  Lattakia has recently   launched the Young Entrepreneurs Network (YEN Syria) project in partnership with  “Syrian Marketers” and  “Syrian  Researchers”  teams ,  IDEA  company and “Orjwan” company . 

President of JCI for the year 2020  in Lattakia  Erfan Dwidari, said in a statement to Syriatimes e-newspaper  that "the project aims to support youth  entrepreneurs and overcome the obstacles facing them, due to the lack of supporters and rapid market changes “.   

She stressed  based on the fact that the JCI  is originally a global network for effective citizens , it launched the project that aims to establish a network that includes youth  entrepreneurs at the local level with the aim of strengthening  joint cooperation  and exchange experiences to serve their entrepreneurial projects.

Vice President of  JCI for Business Sector in Lattakia Dalia Sulieman said  "Many owners of start-up companies are in need for   support  as the support provided to them by the local community and related institutions is no longer sufficient  in a way that secures the exchange of resources in parallel  With the exchange of experiences. "  

In turn, Rahaf Zulf,  director of "YEN Syria Entrepreneur Network" project  stated that " the project  seeks to provide an opportunity of cooperation between entrepreneurs and create an electronic platform that brings together entrepreneurs to facilitate the exchange of experiences”.   

“Like most projects that previously supported entrepreneurs in Syria, the YEN Syria project helps  to spread the concept of entrepreneurship as well as shedding light on  the Syrian entrepreneurs and their entrepreneurial ideas “ according to Zulf.  

She pointed out that  the project is divided into  several stages including  forming groups through social media sites that include business leaders who share presentations and videos  about their companies and their starting-up  entrepreneurial projects.   

During  the next stage, the JCI  in Lattakia   will promote the work of entrepreneurs and their success stories  through social media. The project will provide  a set of training courses commensurate with  entrepreneurs’  needs, and encouraging them to exchange experiences  through the sustainable electronic platform , which will ensure the continuity of communication  among them permanently after the end of the project period. 

It is noteworthy  that the JCI  is an international  , non-profit organization  of active youth citizens  between the ages of 18 and 40, spread internationally through 500 local chamber in more than 120 countries  around the world.  

JCI aims to provide development opportunities to enable youth to create positive change in their societies.  

The JCI  Syria was established in 2004 under the supervision of the International Chamber of Commerce, and currently includes seven local chambers in Damascus, Tartous, Aleppo, As-Sweida , Homs, Lattakia and al- Wadi..  

Interviewed by : Rawaa Ghanam