44 new industrial and craft facilities in Tartous since the beginning of 2020

The industrial sector in Tartous is striving to overcome the difficulties that impede its growth, especially the conditions of the industrial license which deprive the governorate of important industrial investments that absorb the surplus of agricultural production as a factor for oils, juices and consortium and employ a large number of workers.

Eng. Ammar Ali, Director of Tartous Industry, underlined  the importance of mobilizing efforts with the relevant ministries to address the economic blockade by amending laws that impede industrial development and create appropriate conditions for local investments. He referred to amending the condition of classification of soil and distance from the forest, as most of the governorate’s lands are agricultural and the rest is forests. Eng. Ali highlighted the importance of securing the necessary financing for the completion of projects of industrial and craft areas, putting them into investment at the maximum speed, and securing financial support for the owners of the licensed projects to implement them.


Eng. Ali pointed that  all industrial and handicraft facilities have worker around the clock, especially food and chemical ones which have actually increased their production due to the needs of citizens.

Eng. Alin referred to the existence of 13 facilities specialized in the manufacture of disinfectants, sterilizers and detergents that operate at full production capacity to meet the market need with high quality in addition to the non-stop continuation of work and production in the seven drug factories operating in the governorate.

Ali pointed out that 44 industrial and craft facilities have been implemented and put into production since the beginning of this year.  The facilities include all kinds of food, chemical, engineering and textile product.


Inas Abdulkareem