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20 new investors in Hasyaa industrial city in Syria's Homs

HOMS, (ST)_Despite the blockade and western coercive measures against Syria, the work and production continue in the industrial   city of Hasyaa in Homs province with the aim of supporting the national economy and meeting the needs of local market with unlimited support from the government.
According to the Syrian News Agency (SANA), the number of investors reached up to 936 this year, compared to 916 ones in 2019.
Today, there are 264 factories with a capital of 69.612 billion Syrian pounds (SYP) and they employ 8132 workers, while there are 669 factories under reconstruction with the capital of SYP 135.123 billion and they will ensure over 17.000 job opportunities.
The revenues of production in the industrial city hit SYP 1 billion during the past 5 months, compared to more than SYP 2.8 billion last year.
Basma Qaddour