The Prime Minister to Governors: The necessity of being with citizens, following up their living issues and meeting their needs

On June 14, Prime Minister Eng. Hussein Arnous held a meeting with the Governors and stressed the importance of the governor’s presence among citizens, following up on their living issues, working to meet their daily needs, providing their daily requirements, submitting the necessary proposals to improve the economic situation of each governorate, and optimal investment of its agricultural, industrial, and tourism capabilities.

During the meeting held in the building of the Ministry of Local Administration and Environment, in the presence of Eng. Hussein Makhlouf, Minister of Local Administration, Arnous referred to the role of governors in implementing the government’s plan ‘ From the producer to the consumer’ by marketing vegetables and fruits produced to the co-op  and sales outlets of the public authorities in each governorate.


The governors were asked to simplify procedures related to providing services to citizens and to stimulate industrial and commercial and economic activities to increase local production and launch initiatives that would secure the needs of citizens in coordination and cooperation between the public and private sectors.

Arnous referred to the importance of good preparation for the procedures related to the coming People's Assembly ( Parliamentary) elections and ensuring the success and transparency of the primary and secondary education examinations in a manner that preserves student safety by adhering to the application of health requirements and spatial distance.

In continuation of the state’s efforts to purchase the wheat crop from farmers, the governors were asked to provide facilities and take all necessary to purchase the crop, adding 25 Syrian pounds to the price of one kilogram for farmers in areas far from the centers of governorates.

The participants discussed  the role of Governors in communication with the Chambers of Commerce and Industry to secure all market with goods, prevent any monopoly of materials, expand the experience of popular markets, enhance the agricultural plan, and expand using modern irrigation methods.

O. al-Mohammad