The government discusses efforts to restore the exchange rate to an acceptable level

DAMASCUS, (ST)- The government's economic team discussed during a meeting on Saturday the measures taken by the Central Bank of Syria (CBS) to control the exchange rate and restore it to an acceptable level.

During the meeting, Chaired by the newly designated Prime Minister Hussein Arnous, the team voiced support for the CBS's plan to continue  implementing measures necessary to restore the exchange rate to a normal level and to maintain control over exchange companies and brokers.

The team decided to allow any citizen who transfers an amount of money in one of the branches of the banks operating in the Syrian provinces, to withdraw the entire amount from a bank in another province within a week from the date of the transfer operation. The aim is to facilitate and support money transfer through regular channels.

 The CBS governor affirmed that the bank continues to take necessary measures to facilitate financial transactions through banking channels and money transfer companies. He stressed that the roles of all the parties concerned in the economic activity from both the public and private sectors should be integrated in order to control and stabilize the exchange rate in the face of the economic war targeting Syria.

Hamda Mustafa