The Value of Accomplished Works in Lattakia’s Industrial Zone is More than SYP 800 million

One of the major catalyst sectors of economy is industry , and an  important field in the industry sector are industrial zones

The Syrian government has given top priority to supporting the national industry through adopting a number of relevant measures and decisions to reactivate and enhance the industrial sector which has a key and vital role in supporting the national economy.

Lattakia’s Industry Directorate is working hard on the ground to back the various forms of national industry.

There are six  industrial zones in Lattakia governorate, with an area of 4,350 dunums. The most important and largest of them is the industrial one in  Lattakia city.

The industrial zones have  4,595 departments, which include all kinds of industries and crafts mainly   metal, wood, food, textile, chemical, building materials and  car repairing .

 The  Director of Industrial Zones in Lattakia  Eng. Muhammad Ali said in a statement  to  SANA  that the industrial zone in Lattakia city  covers  an area of 3500 dunums comprising 3100 various craft and industrial facilities most of them specialized in   medicines, fodder, clothing, paper making, cables, glass and food industries.

 Eng Ali  referred  to the  implementation  of a  contract signed  with the  Military construction Establishment with the value of  SYP  100 million  to rehabilitate the parallel road to  Naher al-Kabir al-Shamali (  the northern  great river ) in Lattakia. 

Concerning the accomplished works , Eng. Ali  said that  a maintenance contract  for  fixing cars  has been implemented with a value of SYP 25 million .  An electric transformer with a value of  SYP 400 million and  an electricity tank to provide electricity for the metal and wood industries area with a value of SYP 300 million have been installed and put under investment..

 A contract has been signed between  Lattakia’s  city council and the General Company for Construction to build 200 offices to sell cars at a value of SYP  1.6 billion .

Rawaa Ghanam