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Analyst to ST: Syria's economic situation is now under control

There is no need to worry about the Syrian economic situation, political analyst Dr. Ahmad Derzi told Syria Times e-newspaper. 
He affirmed that the Syrian state has controlled the internal situation economically, politically and militarly. 
"Syria's allies will support Syria financially," he clarified.
The situation has become under control.
"Syria and its allies will defeat the so-called the " Caesar Act," the analyst added, stressing that the US and its allies will not get through sanctions and financial pressure what they could not get through military war .
Over the oast few weeks, the value of the Syrian pound against the dollar has fallen to its lowest rate in history and the prices of goods  have soared.
James Jeffrey admitted on Sunday that the high prices of basic products in Syria and the devaluation of the Syrian pound are due to illegal measures approved by his administration.
Imterviewed by: Basma Qaddour