Despite Sanctions, Syria Will Remain Strong




DAMASCUS, (ST)_ The European Union (EU) recently introduced a new set of unjust economic sanctions against Syrian economy, not to mentions the billions of Syrian Pounds losses because of the ongoing foreign-backe dterrorist attacks targeting the syrian economy.

  Electricity Minister Imad Khameis said losses of the electricity sector are estimated at 10 billion pounds.

 However, he said that although the sector has been targeted by armed groups, it is able to supply electricity to most of Syrian cities and towns.

Khameis added that by 2015, the ministry would put to service four projects for power generation to cover the market's needs.

 Syrian Oil Minister, Said Hneidi, said the size of damage at the oil establishments stood at 5 billion SY Pounds; adding that losses because of halting oil exports totaled 200 billion pounds.

 The minister noted that the crisis and the unfair economic sanctions have closed down the implementation of some oil and gas projects, mainly a petroleum refinery project at al- Faraklos area in central Syria that is capable of processing 150, 000 barrels a day.

 Syrian Transport Minister Mahmoud Said earlier told al- Thawra newspaper that the crisis has caused big but not huge losses in the transportation sector, noting that the losses amounted to 3.25 billion Syrian pounds.

 Syrian Deputy Prime Minister for the Services Affairs, Omar Ghalawenji, said the government has allocated billions of Syrian Pounds to compensate for the damage caused to private properties because of terrorist acts all over the country that have caused big losses in all the business sectors.

 Ghalawenji's remarks, recently made during a cabinet meeting, indicate that the government is still solid and capable of improving its own economic situation and compensating for losses.


 Syria Times