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Government taking all preparations to market the country's wheat crop

 The Syrian government has taken all measures necessary to market the country's wheat crop for this season and has been keen on eliminating all the obstacles that hamper this process.

 The government has allocated 450 billion Syrian pounds for buying the wheat from farmers in all Syrian provinces at an acceptable price.

In Homs, the areas planted with wheat and barley has reached 76,000 hectares this year, according to head of Homs Agriculture Directorate Nazih al-Rifa'i.

He said that the general status of the crop is good and that the harvesting process is to start soon.

It is to be noted that the Syrian wheat crop in the Syrian province of Hasaka is being exposed to looting and burning by US and Turkish occupation forces under the complete silence of the international community. The aim is to starve the Syrian people, deprive them from their resources and put more pressure on the Syrian government.

 Hamda Mustafa