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SYP 32 Million- Donations Via Bank Account to National Campaign for Emergency Social Response

“Donations to the National Campaign for the Emergency Social Response, launched by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor, have amounted so far to 32 million Syrian pounds, through the bank account opened by the ministry, in coordination with the Ministry of Finance, to receive donations from individual, popular & local activities and economic entities, from inside or outside Syria as a fundraiser to the campaign,” Director of International Planning and Cooperation at the Ministry, Mahmoud al-Kawa stated.

Al-Kawa explained, in a statement, that within the executive procedures of the National Emergency Response Campaign, officially launched by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor on the 16th of last month, a bank account was opened to meet the needs of societal segments targeted by the campaign; namely, the elderly over 70 years, persons with disabilities and people whose work was disrupted during the Corona virus precautionary measures.

Al-Kowa indicated that the account is managed with utmost transparency to achieve the campaign goals.

He pointed out that donors can contribute from inside Syria through direct transfer or personal deposit, on the campaign account number 23/2501, code number243015at any bank operating in Syria. They can also donate via Syriatel or MTN text messages, by sending an SMS to the number 1166, stating the donated amount; be it 500, 1000 or 5000 Syrian pounds.

As for those wishing to donate from outside Syria, al-Kowa said they could do so through transfers to banks operating in Syria and licensed to deal in foreign exchange, or through financial transfer companies, such as Western Union, to the campaign account number 23/2501, code number 243015.

Al-Kawa clarified that fundraising to the campaign is achieved by the aforementioned bank account and also by the budget collected by NGOs and international organizations for National Fund for Social Aid and Resource Mobilization.

The Ministry's digital channel is designated so citizens register their names to benefit from the campaign, according to al-Kowa, noting that registration has been basically suspended since the 12th of current month, with about 450.00 names registered from various targeted groups, including unemployed workers.

 Al-Kawa made it clear that all registered names will definitely be added to the database of the Ministry, the Social Security Institution, and Unions of Tourism, Workers and Craftsmen, to ultimately and accuratelyreach the segment of unemployed citizens.

Al- Kawa pointed out that the ministries of Finance and Social Affairs & Labor are working together with maximum capacity to deliver aid to the first batch of unemployed whose data has been thoroughly checked during the current week, noting that the 100.000 SP Unemployment Aid is paid only once to the affected citizen, as per the most affected sectors.

He further said that the rest of targeted segments, including the elderly and people with disabilities, are being supported through food & health baskets and cash amounts donated by a number of NGOs, the campaign account, and international organizations.

He stated that food baskets have been distributed so far to more than 750.000 households, hygiene baskets to 350.000, and cash money to 700.000, as the distribution is continued through neighborhood committees and volunteer teams.

It is noteworthy that on May 5th the Cabinet has approved the Emergency Response Plan, with the aim of concerting all possible efforts of relevant official authorities, the civil and local community and others,in support of the societal segments and sectors most in need, examining all required data in coordination with Chambers and Trade Unions concerned, and the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor.

Rayan Faouri