Homs Railways have transported more than 100,000 tons of goods to different Syrian provinces during first quarter of 2020

HOMS, (ST)- The General Establishment of Syrian Railways continues to carry out its tasks in securing the transportation of goods among Syrian provinces as part of its role in supporting the national economy.

During the first quarter of this year, the Syrian Railways branch in Homs managed to transport 106,215 tons of goods to several Syrian provinces.

The goods included soybean, iron, wheat, corn, sand, stones, fuel and iron rails, Muhsen Mohammad, Director of the Homs Railways, told SANA, pointing out that the transportation process is being done at the minimum cost in accordance with the pricing system adopted by the Ministry of Transport.

 Mahmoud made it clear that work continues in several investment projects in order to increase the financial and economic returns.

According to Mahmoud, these projects include implementing a railway branch line from Hassya area to Qittina station in Homs, rehabilitating Homs-Damascus railway line in cooperation with Damascus Railways branch and opening Homs-Hama line in cooperation with Hama Railways, not to mention other works that meet the projects' needs as well as the maintenance works necessary for trains and trucks.

Hamda Mustafa