Cultivation of about 167 thousand hectares of food legumes, the first is Lentils

DAMASCUS, (ST) - The Director of Plant Production in the Ministry of Agriculture, Eng. Abdul Moeen Qadamani, said that the total planned area of food legume crops “lentils, chickpeas, beans and peas” for the 2019-2020 season amounted to more than 290 thousand hectares, while the cultivated area reached about 167 thousand hectares, more than 111 One thousand hectares of lentils, and more than 33 thousand hectares of chickpeas. There are 16 thousand hectares of beans, in addition to about 6 thousand hectares of peas.

Qadamani Pointed out that the increasing demand of farmers to grow leguminous crops as a result of the appropriate weather conditions and heavy rains in appropriate periods, in addition to the return of farmers to invest their lands in the areas liberated from terrorists and the spread of cultivation in most of the provinces, as it constitutes an important source of income for farmers and is a priority in food habits for most families.

 Qadmani added that the area planted with lentils amounted to about 112,000 hectares, the highest of which was in Aleppo with an area of 54,000 hectares

Agricultural engineer Shuaib Abdel Rahim indicated that chickpeas are a basic crop that the farmer grows in all Syrian governorates due to the availability of suitable climatic conditions and fertile soil suitable for such crops.

Raghda Sawas