Re-equipping and rehabilitating the silos and mills of Aleppo

Damascus-(ST)- Eng. Youssef Qassem, General Manager of Syrian Grains, said in a statement to the SANA that the establishment is fully prepared to receive the current wheat season by providing all the necessary supplies for the success of the marketing process in conjunction with good production indicators to date. He pointed out the institution is working to rehabilitate and repair damaged silos in Aleppo Governorate After restoring security and defeating terrorism.


Qassem explained that civil and construction work has been completed to rehabilitate the Tel Blat silo in the countryside of Aleppo and put it into service with a storage capacity of 100 thousand tons. While the damage in the Khan Tuman silo is evaluated for its rehabilitation and put it to work with a production capacity of 200 thousand tons as it is done A study to rehabilitate the Kafr Jom silo in the southwestern countryside of Aleppo with a storage capacity of 12,000 tons. He indicated the importance of carrying out these works through a specific timetable, which secures the need of Aleppo Province sifted wheat, reduces transportation costs and saves time.

Qassem added  that the government has allocated about 5 billion Syrian pounds to start these works, and other funds are  to be allocated during the implementation stages.

Haifaa Mafalani