Aleppo-Damascus railway to put into service in May, 2020

The maintenance workshops in the Ministry of Transport are working to repair the railway of Aleppo-Homs-Hama-Damascus to put it into service in May, 2020, Eng Najeeb Al Faris, General of the Establishment of Railways said.

"Economically, the 400-km railway is will have positive effects because it facilitates the shipment of goods and the movement of passengers as well as delivering fuel to generating stations," Al-Faris added.


The railway that leads to Jibreen, in the east of Aleppo was repaired after the liberation of Aleppo from terrorism at the end of 2016, Al-Faris stated.

Al-Faris indicated that the length of the stolen railway is 46 Km , clarifying that the workshops are working on repairing the railway line from Al-Dameer / Al-Bahariya / Turkmen station / Jeroud / Sennisal in Homs / Hama / Sinjar / Abu Al-Dahour etc.

He pointed out that the railways institution has completed the maintenance of Homs- Damascus railway and from the Al-Qadam station towards Turkomania, passing through Al-Sabina.

It is noteworthy that the railways in Syria have been subjected to terrorists attacks and lost 1.5 $billion.