Premier Khamis confirms overcoming the difficulties facing development projects in Aleppo

Prime Minister Eng Imad Khamis discussed with members of executive office of the governorate of Aleppo and the governorate council the role played by the local councils in the reconstruction, following up the projects, overcoming difficulties and raising the growth of the province.

Eng Khamis called for activating the role of the administrative units by activating the private investments and providing incentives to businessmen.

Discussions focused on local development, expanding investment base for units, and developing the plans of the local development councils.

Moreover, Eng. Khamis and the electric power sector employees tackled a new plan for the electrical system in Aleppo.

The PM underscored the need to increase the electric power after repairing the Zirba-Aleppo power line, stressing the need for repairing the transformers and electrical networks.

Finally, with attendance of the Ministers of Health, the Interior and the Secretary General of the cabinet, Eng. Khamis concluded his tour to Aleppo governorate by visiting the wounded soldiers in the military hospital thanking them for the sacrifices that they made to liberate Syria from terrorism and restoring security and stability to our country.