Homs Grape Manufacturing Company exports 225 tons of its products to America and Germany

 Homs, (ST)- Eng. Gorges Al-Hamwi, Director of the Grape Manufacturing Company in Zaidal area in Homs said that the company is working to expand its marketing range locally and abroad.

The Homs-based al-Orouba local newspaper quoted al-Hamwi as saying that the company has recently exported 225 tons of its products to America and Germany at a value of SYP40 million through a commercial mediator. It also concluded a new contract to export 25 tons of its products, he added.

The company is also exerting remarkable efforts to expand the marketing range of its products locally by signing contracts with traders to market its production in all Syrian governorates with the aim of enhancing the presence of the company’s products in local markets and increasing their competitiveness, according to al-Hamwi.

 He pointed out that since the beginning of this year, the company has been adopting a special strategy to secure its need of grapes. It has paid farmers SYP 1 million as a cash in advance to buy part of their grapes in the coming season and adopted some other procedures to reduce prices of production requirements and to increase its competitiveness.

Amal Farhat