A Symposium on Political and Strategic Challenges in Syria and World in 2020

The Syrian Democratic and National Forces Conference and the Syrian National Action Commission have recently organized a symposium under the title ‘Political and Strategic Challenges in Syria and the World in 2020’ in Al-Rida Training Center in Damascus city.

Academics and political figures and civil society activists participated in the two-hour symposium.

Secretary General of the Syrian Democratic and National Forces Conference Dr. Elian Musa’ad , the moderator of the session,  gave an in-depth analysis on the challenges Syria and the Arab world will face in 2020.

He talked of the Turkish occupation of Syrian territories, of Turkification measures in the Turkish-occupied cities and towns in north Syria and Turkey’s transport of Syrian terrorist to Libya.

He focused on the plots of the Turkish President Erdogan’s political Islam and Muslim Brotherhood in Syria and other Arab states.

Musa’ad referred to the American and Israeli interferences and plots against Lebanon and Iraq. 

Dr. Hani Khouri, an economist and financial expert, casted light on the world’s historical economic crisis and the United States’ measures and policies to control the world’s economy and trade.

 “The United States is entrenching its military presence and bases to step up its economic power,” Dr. Hani Khouri said to Syria Times.

Dr. Ziad Arbesh, a professor at the Damascus University’s Faculty of Economy and an advisor for the Prime Ministry, talked about the current challenges and problems of the Syrian economy.

Dr. Ziad Arbesh gave detailed examples of the regional political events that affect the Syrian currency. He referred to the Lebanese demonstrations and their effects on Lebanese banks and the deposits of Syrians in those banks.

Dr. Ibrahim Mahmud, a Syrian political expert, give a review on the economic, production and water challenges that face the country.

During the symposium, the discussions also centered on  the country’s current situation, inflation of prices, Syrian currency, electricity , long blackout hours , production of electricity and other economic problems.


Written by Obaida Hamad / InasAbdulKareem

Photos by Obaida Hamad