Cabinet: Fortifying national currency positively reflects on living and economic conditions

The cabinet discussed the role and mission of each Ministry in applying the executive mechanism of the legislative decrees No. 3 and 4, issued by President Bashar al-Assad, on punishing those who deal with any currency than the Syrian pound.

In its weekly session held under the chairmanship of Prime Minister Engineer Imad Khamis, the cabinet affirmed that the two decrees target those who are manipulating the Syrian Lira, adding that they don’t target sectors of businesses, investments or foreign trade.

In a statement he made following the meeting, Minister of Economy and Foreign Trade Dr. Mohammad Samer al-Khalil said that stress was laid during the meeting on excluding the use of hard currency for the external trade sector in a way that supports national economy and confronts the campaign being launched against national currency as part of the economic war launched against Syria.