The areas planted with wheat have increased by 17%

On January 15, Engineer Abdul Moeen Qadmani, Director of Plant Production at the Ministry of Agriculture, said that there was an increase in the areas planted with wheat and barley for the current season compared to the previous season due to the increase in the amount of rainfall and the return of farmers to their areas.

Qadmani said that the rate of implementation of the wheat cultivation plan this season reached 70 percent of the planned 1801094 hectares and in the barley cultivation  reached 96 percent of the planed 1499866 hectares.


By January 15, Qadmani said that the total area planted with wheat amounted to 1253,420 hectares compared to1066,612 hectares in the same period of the previous season, with an increase of about 180,000 hectares.

With regard to the barley crop cultivation plan, Qadmani said  that the plan was in its final stages, 1437416 hectares of the planned 1499,866 hectares were cultivated, with a percentage of 96% implementation.


O. al-Mohammad