High reserve dams support the agriculture of strategic spaces

Al-Hasakah, (ST) – The heavy rains that fell throughout the governorate of Hasaka led to an expansion in the cultivation of strategic crops such as wheat and barley, in addition to the rise in dam levels spread in the regions and areas of the governorate.

 Engineer Abdul-Razzaq al-Awak, Director of Water Resources in Hasaka indicated that the water reservoirs of the governorate have amounted to "632" million cubic meters, while the water stored last year in all dams and the same period was "393" million cubic meters.


Engineer Ragab Salama, Director of Hasakah Agriculture explained that the farming and cultivation operations at the governorate level have been completed. The cultivated area of the irrigated wheat crop amounted to “120,500” hectares, with a 40 percent implementation of the agricultural plan for the current winter season.

Raghda Sawas