More than 1.7 billion Syrian pounds the cost of damages of the electricity system due to terrorism in Halfaya

Hama, ST- The Electricity Company of Hama estimated the damages of the electricity system in the city of Halfaya in the countryside of Hama as a result of the terrorist groups' attacks to be more than one billion and 744 million Syrian pounds.

Engineer Mohamed Al-Raidi, Director of Hama Electricity Company, explained that damages were caused to the transfer centers and their accessories in various capacities and to the requirements of medium voltage such as grids, towers and insulators and the requirements of low voltage networks and columns in addition to the cables and the subscriber cables and counters, pointing out that the detection of the damages was done by specialized committees.

He pointed out that the company's workshops continue maintenance works of a number of electrical transfer centers and electrical grids lines in a number of areas of the governorate, as part of a set of measures to meet the growing demand for electrical energy during the winter season.

Hundreds of displaced families had returned to their homes in the city of Halfaya in the northern Hama countryside last November after the Syrian Arab Army restored security and stability to its surroundings and liberated the entire northern countryside of the province from terrorism.