Ministry of Industry: Production value increases by about 80 billion SP

The total value of production for the public Industrial establishments has risen to 318.9 billion Syrian pounds from the beginning of 2019 till the end of November, exceeding last year's value by about 79.8 billion Syrian Pounds.

The production report released by the Ministry of Industry showed that the eight establishments affiliated to the ministry have achieved a sales value estimated at 244 billion Syrian Pounds during eleven months with an increase estimated at 22 billion SP over last year's value.

The ministry said that these positive results were the outcome of the workers' strenuous efforts and their insistence to increase production in implementation of the plan put forward by the Ministry.

Meanwhile, about 4185 industrial facilities returned to production in Homs after a long period of halt because of the devastation caused by the armed terrorist groups.

Director of Industry in Homs Bassam al-Sa'ed said that about 203 facilities were authorized this year including an investment project with a capital estimated at 5.5 billion Syrian Pounds, ensuring more than 6000 job opportunities.