Syria, Democratic Korea hold meetings of the joint economic committee

DAMASCUS, (ST)- The 11th session of the Syrian-Korean economic Committee started its activities Saturday evening in Damascus with the purpose of enhancing economic cooperation and discussing the agreements and memorandums of understanding due to be concluded by Syria and the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK).

Head of the committee for the Syrian side, Finance Minister Mamoun Hamdan, said in a statement during the meeting that Syria is currently reconstructing what terrorism has destroyed, stressing that friendly countries, which supported Syria, will be given priority in contributing to the process of reconstruction. He pointed out that Democratic Korea has been one of Syria's friends that backed its causes.   

 On his part, the DPRK's Minister of Foreign Trade Kim Yong-Jae, head of the joint committee for the Korean side, affirmed that holding meetings of the joint economic committee confirms the determination of the two countries to boost economic ties up to the level of bilateral political relations. 

Yong Jae said his country will spare no effort to back Syria until it achieves complete victory over terrorism.

The committee's technical meetings will be held Sunday morning and will last for three days.

Following the meeting the two officials spoke to journalists.

Hamdan said that during the committee's technical meetings ,the two sides will sign a number of agreements covering the domains of economy, housing and public construction.

The Korean official emphasized that the only way to confront the economic pressure being practiced by the United States on the two countries is

 self reliance, achieving development and enhancing cooperation.

The agreements and memos to be reached will be signed on Wednesday.

Hamda Mustafa