The return of 18543 industrial facilities to production

Damascus, ST- The private industrial sector has started to regain its activity as a result of government supportive steps, which have been provided by legislative and financial facilities, especially to those facilities affected by the crisis.

The Ministry of Industry recorded the continuation of the rehabilitation and development of 82,117 industrial enterprises and crafts, some of which have returned to production and the others are still in the process of rehabilitation.


Statistics issued by the Ministry of Industry, obtained by SANA Economic Bulletin, showed that the number of industrial establishments that returned to production reached 18543 industrial establishments and 8735 craft enterprises, while the rehabilitation work is continuing in 4573 industrial facilities and 50266 craft establishments.

The memo pointed out that this outcome came through the issuance of a package of appropriate laws in addition to a follow-up of the restoration of the damaged industrial areas and the adoption of incentives that enable industrialists to return to work and repair their facilities to take off again. Meanwhile, taking appropriate measures to combat smuggling as an absolute priority to support local production which contributed significantly to the provision of national products with high quality and competitive price.

The Ministry also pointed out in its memo that a committee was formed and chaired by the President of the Federation of Chambers of Industry and the membership of presidents of chambers of industry to communicate with Syrian national businessmen and industrialists who are abroad to encourage them and facilitate their return to follow up their work and activities inside the country.

In order to support and protect the national industry, the Ministry explained in its memo that the minimum values of imports of the  domestic production have been determined through reasonable  prices, reviewing the customs duties imposed on raw materials entering the industry and simplifying the procedures necessary for importing production materials.

The Ministry also  confirmed its strategic plan to encourage the national industry and support all national industrialists who continued production despite the difficulties they faced during the war to increase the levels of economic production and industrial development and increase the state tax revenues later.

Maysa Wassouf