The economic committee in the Prime Ministry studies the imported materials list

In its 8th meeting during the last two weeks, heading by Prime Minister Eng. Imad Khamis, the economic committee in the Prime Ministry discussed the negative effects of the exchange rate on citizens, ways of controlling the markets and securing basic materials. 

Also, the economic committee discussed the imported materials list adjustment to support the local industry and to provide more of foreign exchange.

The discussion focused on the possibility of importing ceramic, leather and household items to encourage the local industry.

The imported materials list contained 3731 basic materials (58% of customs Tariff Items). The list excluded 2672 luxury items.

Attending were the Minister of Justice, the concerned in the Ministry of Interior, Director General of Customs and Head of Customs Control. The committee discussed developing an anti-smuggling plan and took a decision to secure all needs for the customs to monitor borders.

It is to be mentioned that in the last two years the economic committee took many steps to evaluate the imported materials list according to the daily needs of the citizens and to face the economic blockade on Syria (64% in 2016 rising up to 76% in 2017-2018).