Genuine leather handicraft, lasting print of creativity

The genuine leather handwork is considered one of the most prominent handicrafts in the city of Damascus that has been passed from one generation to another over hundreds of years.

In the Centre of Old Damascus, there are several workshops where Damascene handicraftsmen are still making genuine leather handbags and other leather objects manually preserving the traditions of their fathers and forefathers.

Bassam Seidawi, owner of a genuine leather workshop in Old Damascus, said, "I give this craft all my love to remain a lasting mark in the world of invention. I have been working in this craft for 55 years and I taught it to all members of my family."

He added that working with genuine leather requires patience and accuracy, noting that the raw materials for this craft are available in Syria due to its richness in livestock.

He concluded that Damascene handicraftsmen have been able to skillfully create various genuine leather objects that meet sundry uses.