Sales of the carpet factory in al-Sweida increased 147% last month

Sales of the carpet factory in Sweida last month rose to 147 % of the marketing plan.

Director of the factory, Eng. Khuzama Hamza, told SANA today that 4740 square meters of carpets were marketed during the last month, with a sales rate of 147% of the marketing plan at an amount exceeding 45 million Syrian pounds.

Hamza attributed the demand for buying the products of the factory to the quality and diversity of inscriptions and colors and to the need for carpets with the advent of winter, pointing to the high volume of sales during the current year to 20,000 square meters.

Hamza pointed to the difficulties facing the factory which are represented by the difficulty of accessing raw materials as a result of the economic siege, as well as the out of date machines and the lack of quality technical labor.


Inas Abdulkareem