22 companies in the shopping festival (Home- Sweet Home) in Homs

Homs,(ST)- The shopping festival (Home- Sweet Home), which was held in the headquarters of the officers club in Homs, seeks to be a marketing outlet for food, detergents and some cosmetics and decorations offered by 22 national companies at competitive prices.

The festival kicked off yesterday and it will last until the sixth of this month. It offers products at discounted prices in order to secure those products for citizens and break the monopoly of traders for these materials.

Mayada Suleiman pointed out that the festival is an opportunity to secure the requirements and the daily needs of the Syrian family at a competitive prices, while Abdel Karim Ghali stressed the role of the festival to provide basic goods to citizens away from the greed of traders.

Ghofran Ayyash, Director of Qamar Exhibitions Organizing Agency, explained that the aim of the festival is to break the stalemate and monopoly and move the purchasing power of the citizens.

 Participants in the festival confirmed that they sell their products at a cheaper prices aiming at supporting the national economy.

Amal Farhat- Homs