The Syrian High Council for tourism agrees to environmental park design

In cooperation between the Tourism Ministry, Damascus Governorate and headed by Prime Minister Eng. Imad Khamis and in order to keep the land green,  to improve the land scape scene, to encourage popular tourism and to work for securing alternative housing for youths , the Syrian High Council for tourism adopted an environmental park design in Kiwan, Damascus.

The council has agreed to build environmentally friendly tourist sites. This will result in the increase of the commercial and tourism complexes in the countryside and encourage internal and external tourism.

In a plan to encourage the investors to come to Syria, the Council also adopted decreasing the tourism's projects tax from 5% to 2%.

On the other side the Council asked the Tourism Ministry to evaluate the tourism facilities values.

In addition, the Council asked the Tourism Ministry to restorate Damascus Sheraton Hotel and to put a plan to develop its site. 

The Council adopted the procedures of investing the Karnak shore and (E-C) sites in Abu Afsa, Tartous to encourage internal tourism.

The Council gave the authority to the Tourism Ministry to provide technical, financial and consulting expertise for public sector, popular organizations and unions.

The Council discussed unimplemented project in Tartous and Lattakia, and adopted the solutions to make them run again, e.g. (Casino Hotel, Al-Siwar restaurant, Eastern Meridian projects, Joul Jammal, Eastern Blue Shore beach, Samar land project, Antradous project, Al-Fadel suburb, Asas Hotel).

Tourism Minister, eng. Mohammad Rami Martini declared the importance of maintaining the infrastructure side by side with tourism facilities, and working on creating new investments.

Damascus governorate Adel Al-Elabi explained the importance of environmental park on Kiwan land, adding that the park will be public.