Value of Syrian Agricultural exports: about $ 100 million during 9 months

Despite economic sanctions imposed on Syria, agricultural products continued to enter the most important global markets. Unchallenged, Syrian fruit products topped markets of the Gulf countries, Russia, Egypt and Jordan; while Syrian olive oil reached European and American countries.

In a statement to SANA, Eng. Omar Al-Shalet, President of the Damascus Chamber of Agriculture, pointed out to the importance of launching a program of quality and reliability of agricultural products granted by international companies specialized in the field of product quality, from sorting, packaging, marketing to exporting; which will open new perspective in front of the Syrian agricultural product to reach new important markets, as well as grant an added value to Syrian agricultural products that would mirror positively on the farmer.

Shalet confirmed that the return of large areas of agricultural lands after the Syrian government restoration of many Syrian territories like areas in Horan, Damascus countryside, Aljazeera and the Euphrates (which forms the Syrian food basket of vegetables and fruits) will provide local agricultural needs and achieve self-sufficiency at reasonable prices compared to previous years. The surplus can be exported to foreign markets, expecting a significant growth in agricultural exports after the opening of land crossings between Syria and neighboring countries.

The current value of agricultural exports has reached approximately $100 million and  100 thousand, in addition to 6 million Syrian pounds; during the first nine months of this year according to Mr. Shalet. Those agricultural products included: olive oil, cherries, apples, pomegranates, tomatoes and citrus; in addition to medicinal and aromatic plants such as anise, black seed and cumin. “Whereas the destination of exports was neighboring Arab countries and Gulf countries, in addition to some European and Asian countries” as clarified by Mr. Shalet.


 Lama Alhassanie