Foreign companies participating in Syrpetro exhibition look forward developing petroleum industry

The Foreign companies participating in the SyrianInternational Petroleum and Mineral Resources Exhibition (Syrpetro) are looking forward to play a pivotal role in contributing to the development of the petroleum industry and reconstruction of oil installations damaged by the unjust terrorist war on Syria.

In a meeting with SANA, Eng. Mohammad Al-Jaafari, representative of the Iranian PGPAC Group, said that the group seeks to cooperate with the concerned authorities in Syria in the development and reconstruction of factories and refineries, as well as helping Syrian businessmen and traders to meet their needs. Al-Jaafari expected that the next phase will witness economic and investment activity in this field.


Luay Murad, General Manager of the branch of the Russian Company (Oral Techno Stroy) in Syria pointed out that the company has been in Syria since 2009 and works in the field of oil and gas projects, the establishment of factories and refineries and extending oil and gas pipelines according to the most up to date international standards.

“The company owns a factory to manufacture oil equipment, which Syria needs”, the General Manager said, “the company has a project in Hassaka governorate in Tal Adas to modernize and develop its treatment plant and wants to contribute to the reconstruction of oil projects damaged by the terrorist war.

Roman Raisky, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Russian Company (Rm Antichno), which is specialized in the field of modern technological industries of oil and gas projects, revealed that the company has reached a new technology for oil extraction which is alternative to mechanical pumps. This new technology will save financial costs and has technical and technical advantages. The Company is operating in Russia, and when it wants to expand its activities abroad, Russia chose the beginning to be from the Syrian market, which needs modern technologies to overcome the repercussions of the war and the sabotage of the facilities and oil fields.

As for the participation of the Belarusian company of PetroService, its consultant Dr. Nidal Joni said that the company, through its participation in this exhibition and other related events, is looking forward to familiarize the oil companies with the exploration method which is unique to the company and which plays an effective role in reducing the risk of exploration in all places.

Dr. Joni expressed the company’s interest in contributing to the discovery of new oil reservoirs, as the company's specialists are working to develop their current equipment and conduct experiments in marine areas.

The activities of the Syrian International Petroleum and Mineral Resources Exhibition began last Saturday with the participation of more than 50 local, Arab and foreign companies in the Fairgrounds in Damascus.


Inas Abdulkareem