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The Cabinet Discusses Means of Meeting Requirements of Stability in the Exchange Rate of the Syrian Pound

DAMASCUS, (ST)- During its weekly meeting chaired by Prime Minister Imad Khamis, the Cabinet on Sunday revised the economic policy and discussed the role of every ministry in supporting the country's economic, financial and monetary policies as well as the efforts being exerted to strengthen the Syrian Pound and achieve acceptable stability in the exchange rate in a way that reflects positively on citizens lives.

The cabinet tasked the Central Bank of Syria with continuous coordination with government institutions to meet the requirements of stability in the exchange rate of the Syrian pound and to carry out tight control on the work of the exchange companies and on the movement of internal and external remittances.

 The Syrian Pound has been witnessing instability because of the international sanctions imposed on Syria and currency speculation.

During the cabinet's meeting, the Ministry of Economy and Foreign Trade was tasked with preparing a study to provide direct support for importing the raw materials necessary for operating private industrial facilities to serve the economic development.

The cabinet also asked the Ministries of Agriculture and Industry to expand producing exported goods and meet requirements of these goods' access to foreign markets.

Hamda Mustafa